March 4, 2024


(I’m still working on During the Blue Hour) Just an update about my NEW SHORT STORY/NOVELLA (MICTLAN SERIES):
It’s currently on amazon kindle Vella and already I have 5 chapters done scheduled and ready to drop each friday. Starting to use Vella has helped me to actually write chapters faster since I know I sort of will have like a set deadline . I really like using Vella as of right now even though I am very new to it. Vella is a seriel publishing book upload sort of like wattpad. And you publish chapter my chapter instead of the whole book. I will be having a podcast episode about this soon towards the end of the summer.

But let me tell you a little about my Mictlan Series.
The (MICTLAN SERIES ) chronicles four women from the Ortega family and their journey throughout the Aztec underworld Mictlan as they discover being descendants to the Patheon of Aztec gods and goddess. As the family navigates through Mictlan and learn about being the gods and goddesses they were meant to be they learn it doesn’t come without sacrifice…

Okay what’s on vella now is the story “THE JOURNEY BEGINS” which was a 10 episode webisode screenplay entitled Journey to Mictlan . Each book will consist of a story that follows one of the characters. This particular one on Vella follows the character Mia after her family dies from a cliff diving accident. After this story is completed it will be a full novella. The first three episodes are free on Vella right now. The first episode dropped friday the next episode will drop on Friday the 8th . So if you are interested take a read of the first episode/chapter, follow the vella story, and look out for the next episode/chapter. Also please leave your comments and likes , what they call crowns on the vella site so my story can show up more on the front page of the vella site. That would be very helpful if you can.

This series I’ve already started publishing on amazon is only a test run to the Blue Hour Series I’m working on. It’s totally in two different genres. Blue Hour being about werewolves and the Mictlan Series being about Gods , Goddess , recarnation and ghost. And the stories are in different styles. So please bear with me. But this is my update and let me know what you think .