April 15, 2024
A Writer’s Summer Reading List

A Writer’s Summer Reading List

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I mentioned in recent post  how good it is to be a writer and read outside of your written genre  while  working  on a  work in progress novel. Its summertime. And you know what that means?  Work on  our novels ! Yes that is true but I don’t mean just  that.  Summertime  is the perfect time to read as a writer. Yes . It’s time to pack up not just your writing pad and pen but also a good reading book and  head on to the beach. I sure am. 

I mentioned  the  current book I was planning on reading . Well I  started the book but I still have books I want to read  and I  have compiled  my current summer  reading list . So here   are the  books  outside of my written genre I’m planning on  reading for the rest of the summer.

  • Outlander  by: Diana Gabaldon

Okay so  I kind of wrote 2 post on this TV show/ book already . If you have read my other  post  you know how  I critiqued  the show  so far . So I bought  the book and  started reading it the other  day . Even though  I’m only on  chapter  2 . I will  hopefully  be finished  with it soon .

  • Hot Halcon Nights: A Tale of the Pan-Galactic Empire (Tales of the Pan-Galactic Empire Book 1)  by Joseph Isenberg

My next  summer  read after Outlander  involves  a humorous  science fiction  space  fleet   story about  the 81 century and genetically modified  lemurs . This book was referred to me  and sounds very interesting  and fun and I  can’t  wait to read it.

  • Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

This is a book  that  delves  into the world of  watchers , fae and magic .

I read this book years ago  but  will  reread it  this summer  because the last time I finished the book  the  sequel  wasn’t out and so I forgot about the  book  all  together .   So it would be a  refresher  before  reading the sequels in  the series. 

So these are only three books right now that  I’m reading and planning  on reading this summer . But there will be more because  I haven’t finished my own  novel yet and I need more inspiration outside of my genre of writing about werewolves.

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What books are you planning  on  putting on your summer reading list as you write and head on to the beach?  Or what books are you reading already this summer? 

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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