April 15, 2024
Chapter 10 Shattered Glass -A DTBH WIP NOVEL TEASER

Chapter 10 Shattered Glass -A DTBH WIP NOVEL TEASER

Xavier and Mary make a visit to Gabby’s parents house and find out the answers to all thier problems in order to deal with the werewolf yearling pack.

The work in progress novel “During the Blue Hour,” -about a teenage girl who discovers her ancestry belongs to a celestial race of extinct wolves. I’m almost finished with my second draft and so Each Monday around 5:00 -5:30pm I will release a snippet of the chapters that I’m working on and currently writing . Learn more about the work in progress novel at https://www.discoveringthebluehour.com/about-the-blue-hour/ Leave your feedback and questions in the comments below.

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