November 29, 2022
PODCAST #3 All of it is truth The Call to Adventure -EP.3 Character Spotlight

PODCAST #3 All of it is truth The Call to Adventure -EP.3 Character Spotlight

Original upload date: March 11,2020

All of it is truth, The Call to Adventure-Episode 3

The wastelands are dangerous. No one knows what’s out there. The ones that go out there and survive do not talk about what they have seen.  It’s like they’re one of the soldiers of the old days. They’re traumatized beyond belief.  And then there are some who never come back at all. The sun is dying out. Nightfall is arriving too early these days. The stars are slowly fading away. I don’t know what to do. Run away? the thought has passed my mine a thousand times. 

Except from During the  Blue Hour WIP Novel

This week is  our first ever  Character spotlight.  We  will discuss the  evolution of the  MC  Sirena  and her post apocalyptic society from the During the Blue Hour WIP

  • We discuss what a post apocalyptic genre is referencing THE ROAD ,  ANTHEM,  WHEEL OF TIME & THE GIVER . 
  • WE discuss  the difference between the  inciting incident  and the call to  adventure within the Hero’s journey and three act  structure and  
  • We discuss emotional call to adventure vs  Physical  call to adventure        .  

What  post-apocalyptic  world have you created? Do you use the hero’s journey model? Or do  you  use  the three act structure  model? What’s  your  MC  call to adventure and  refusal to the call?  Lets start a dialogue about it.  

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