March 27, 2023
PODCAST#4 :Fantasy vs Fairytale-Worldbuilding Pt. 1 EP. 4

PODCAST#4 :Fantasy vs Fairytale-Worldbuilding Pt. 1 EP. 4

Original upload date: Apr 5, 2021

Fantasy vs Fairytale: Worldbuilding Pt. 1 EP. 4

Cristian frowned and glanced up at the bird. Without even moving his lips he spoke to the bird with his mind. Ah, so it’s you? He should’ve known the raven wasn’t an ordinary raven, but an Earth Diver;   a celestial trickster. It’s me, said the Earth Diver.  The Earth Diver peered down at Cristian and answered him  in the same manner.  His voice, with a croak more like a frog call taunted, and droned back into Cristian’s thoughts, annoying him.   Go away, said Cristian turning away.   The Earth Diver suspended Cristan in place and he faltered to the ground. The bird transferred his uncontrollable cocky croaks of laughter to Cristian.  But instead of laughing, Cristian’s insides burst, and crumbled… Cristan’s arm twisted backward painfully again, and again… Cristan screamed… he fell from the sky over and over… He cringed, screaming, holding his hands to his head- he stared at the Earth Diver and gasped. It was all just a mind trick. The Earth Diver was up to tricks already. Cristian had never felt such power before. The earth diver’s laughter continued, and he came to rest on the rock next to Cristian. Cristian turned and focused on the Earth Diver’s emotions. Tiny, dark shades of black and orange particles glimmered and spiraled together around the bird. Cristan kept  his eyes focused. The spiraling particles froze in the air , split apart, formed into and revealed –. A dark haired teenage  boy who sat  on a waterfall and sobbed.  Eyes steady now. If only Cristan could conentrate,  keep  the image alive , to reach inside with his mind, he could  shove the bird’s own mind tricks back toward it. Cristan cringed and  breathed hard. The bird  was  too  powerful or was  it  he who was  too weak? Cristan  let out  a tired , crippled   gasp. The particles around the bird smashed into each other and  the bird’s memory dissolved. But the Earth Diver cocked its head, and squinted its dark, crystal eyes toward Cristan. Cristian’s limbs snapped, as he cowered to the ground once again, and the earth diver sent little pinched nerves to his brain. But as quick as the pain came, it subsided. How many times do I have to tell you wolf creatures, please don’t do that. It’s very agriravating, said the Earth Diver. Cristian flinched, lifting his head. We must get off the mountain. Help us get off the mountain.  I’m neither friend nor foe. Please, I don’t know the way. Some alpha you are, yearling...

Except from During the  Blue Hour WIP Novel

This week is  our first  ever  worldbuilding episode  where  we will be exploring Fantasy Vs Fairytale and try to answer  the question is your  novel  a Fantasy or Fairytale?

We  will discuss:

What  is a fairytale  by exploring famous stories by famous authors diving into J.R. R TOLKIEN definition  from his work entitled  On Fairytales.

We will explore the use  of  talking animals and anamorphic creatures in fantasy vs  fairytale

Do you agree that your fantasy is really a fairytale?

Is little red riding hood  really  a fairy tale?

Lets start a dialogue about it.  

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