September 26, 2023
PODCAST#4 :Fantasy vs Fairytale-Worldbuilding Pt. 1 EP. 4

PODCAST#4 :Fantasy vs Fairytale-Worldbuilding Pt. 1 EP. 4

Original upload date: Apr 5, 2021

This week is  our first  ever  worldbuilding episode  where  we will be exploring Fantasy Vs Fairytale and try to answer  the question is your  novel  a Fantasy or Fairytale?

We  will discuss:

What  is a fairytale  by exploring famous stories by famous authors diving into J.R. R TOLKIEN definition  from his work entitled  On Fairytales.

We will explore the use  of  talking animals and anamorphic creatures in fantasy vs  fairytale

Do you agree that your fantasy is really a fairytale?

Is little red riding hood  really  a fairy tale?

Lets start a dialogue about it.  

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