March 3, 2024
Werewolf Update Promo trailer: Planning, Researching and Scheduling(OCTOBER 2023)

Werewolf Update Promo trailer: Planning, Researching and Scheduling(OCTOBER 2023)



Hi welcome ! This is the  discovering the Blue Hour werewolf podcast  news  update promo for the  end of the month of  October 2023. I haven’t posted in while on my channel in a while but I still got a lot more content to share and I hope you can join the wolf pack and Discover the Blue Hour with me.

Here is the newest youtube content schedule for the rest of the year 2023

Next podcast episode  will be  an in-depth  analysis about  The White Wolf of Hartz Mountain. A short  story about  a werewolf by Frederick Marryat. 

I ‘ll will still also revising and reediting my older podcast episodes and continuing uploading full visual podcast episodes to YouTube in between this time and the  next episode  .  But  if you want to  listen to all the audio  episodes only  they are  all on the website.

I will be having some more werewolf mythology episodes later on as well.

Smaller future video content:

I  will also continue uploading Teasers  from  my work in  progress  werewolf novel  so check out  those videos  here. I almost finished  with the 2nd draft and I ‘m completing   a midnight writing  challenge where  I’m writing  atleast a 100 words   or more in an hour  of my werewolf novel  and I’m currently  writing chapters  33 of my 2nd draft.  

These are  my  werewolf podcast news updates for  this month If you have any comments   questions, suggestions about the channel  let me know  in the comments below .

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