March 5, 2024
Writing the Werewolf Novel:  Ideas for My Main Character’s Sister to be a Feral Wolf Child

Writing the Werewolf Novel: Ideas for My Main Character’s Sister to be a Feral Wolf Child


I have been going over changes & Ideas for my Main Character’s Sister to be a Feral Wolf Child in my wip werewolf novel During the Blue Hour . The other day I posted a video series on youtube called Raised by Wolves. So I didn’t think about this before but I always knew when writing my first draft I wanted some sort of friction between my main character and her sister. I’m now in the 2nd draft, 35th chapter of my werewolf wip novel and I ‘m thinking about making some changes. Although small.

I say this because I already said to myself at the start of my 2nd draft that I was going to change some thing about the sister.

  • Her age – in this 2nd draft she is now 3 years younger than my main character.
  • Her birth- in the 1st draft she was the half sister to my main character . Which made her have no ties to the werewolves. Now in my 2nd draft she is the full born sister to my main character which makes her a werewolf as well.
  • How she becomes a werewolf– In the first draft her sister was taken by the council and turned into a feral child. That is because she was fully human but now that she is an actual werewolf in this 2nd draft that idea of her turning into a feral child seems sort of pointless . However i am playing with some ideas in my head where in the 2nd draft she is still taken by the council but since she is not eighteen yet the council experiments on her, messing with her transformation progression , therefore turning her into this weird lethal version of a feral child.

I have to see where this idea takes me but I’ll keep you updated with the progress.

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