April 15, 2024


Classes, races  and subgroups   is always  important when  having a fantasy novel. The only one  I  think who wrote  and crafted  it well was Tolkien who  created many fantasy races  such as  elves  , orcs and  hobbits to name a few and within each of those  races  of  fantasy characters  there were  classes and subgroups.

Since I’m writing a fantasy werewolf novel  series  I also   have   a couple of different races  that have  class  structures  and  subgroups.

In my  novel  I have   4 different types of   races that  take  main  stage in my novel.


THE VIATORS OF CAELUM(celestial beings)


ETERNALS (ghost spirits)

Winter Goddess

 I will be concentrating right now on the  CANINERUH WEREWOLVES.  The main protagonist  and antagonist  of my  stories .  As I explained and yesterday’s  post  about the hierarchy of my werewolves . There is also a subgroup and class system I did  not really mention.  


The race of caninruh are divided up into six sub-groups:


Eltern canis

      These are  the original canine  wolves from the first world. Only six known  original wolves are talked about in Sirena’s present world, Accalia , Zios, Xavier, Brant Rina, Ami;

Erbe/Erben Canis

Are full blooded canineruh offspring  who were born in the second world from two eltern parents. They tend to mate with each other and don’t intermix outside  the canineruh race. 

Spross  Canis

Are the offsping or decendants of a canineruh erbe . They are the second generation of the  Caninruh. They tend to mate with  each other . Sometimes on occasion with Hibrida in the middle of the  second world.


These are offspring who are born from both a human and  an Eltern in the first or second world. They are half mortal ,  half caninruh werewolves and they sometimes mate with Spross and or Eltern but mostly with mortals  because of their difference with the Erben because they are not full blooded. They are able to live among  mortals until they are in their late adulthood. ( it is unknown to how many exist, since they are disowned  throughout the carnineruh world among the other canineruh )  


Are the offsprings or descendants  of  an Hibrida  and a mortal . They are very tall. Even though they look mortal and act mortal they still have the thirst for the mortal heart but only after they turn eighteen or so. .Like all other canineruh, they appear mortal like up until the age of eighteen.  When they turn eighteen they get acute sense of smell and hearing but they are not immortal. Unlike  other caninruh sometimes the keinid gene never comes in their lifetime so they can live normally but after fifty years they die.  They  tend to mate with humans for that very reason, sometimes eliminating the  keinid gene all together. ( My Main  character Sirena  is a Mong as is her father and his father before him. )


 In the Hour Series Larefayel  are caninruh that were originally mortals that the Kraldire Accalia turns as experiments because the canineruh cannot usually turn a mortal. They go feral from the transformation. Unlike the born caninruh they cannot water walk or have a celestial power.  They only have two of the basic powers strength and speed.  They are very, very strong, fast and perceptive, having the ability to kill anybody in their path. Like all other canineruh they have the craving for the human heart and the strongest craving. Due to the ecromine in Accalia’s system  they can never turn mortal again. once they  are bitten by Accalia the transformation is final and the mortal is dead. 

Their transformation appearance is a mortal  half wolf like creature with claws and fangs who eventually goes mad from becoming a canineruh. They are unable to shift back into mortal  form. They are ordered by accalia  to go after the pack that is protecting Sirena and to kill whoever they see. They have no control over their actions and they are the ultimate inhumane creature, not possessing any kind of feeling or emotion. With the egromaine now in their system after so many days they die turning back into their mortal body , looking like a lifeless sleeping mortal.

This is actually only  some of it  but  I will be exploring more of my   world’s  class system in  future  post and podcast episodes.

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