March 3, 2024
Didn’t Realize I was on  Chapter 10

Didn’t Realize I was on Chapter 10

I finally  got some writing time done today  on my 2nd draft of my work in progress During the Blue Hour.  So I didn’t realize I was actually on chapter  10. I thought  I was on  chapter  9. But I remembered  that the other day I changed and rearranged things around . I added my prologue  chapter back in  which changed the order of the chapters  once again.  

So  my  main character, she lives in this post post apocalyptic world and she  is ordered  to search for food in the desert, however  she wants to compete in a dance competition for a scholarship so she doesn’t have to go  search for food . 

So in the first draft and at the start of this 2nd  draft I made  it a dance  nomination for a scholarship . However with my recent revisions within this 2nd draft I just say  instead of a nomination she actually will be getting the scholarship. (Spoiler alert) but not really cause it’s not the main focus of the overall story because my novel is essentially about werewolves.  

Oh and so the other  thing that I figured out is I guess my novel will be going over 80,000 words unlike in the first draft. Because in this 2nd draft the first act is past 25,000 words because I kinda added more scenes. And since it’s a fantasy genre novel it can go past 80,000 up to 120,000 words . I’m afraid that the pacing might be slower and that that the main character’s everyday life scenes in this draft for me seems longer than what it was in my 1st draft. I don’t know if that would be a problem or not .But we’ll see how  the draft will eventually turn out .

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